Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Poem 1

Dusk. Leaves rustling lightly
Deserted streets
He runs
Terror stricken

Fear pounds in his heart
Pulse races
Through the woods
Dark and cold

His face shows worry
As it gets nearer
Unseen by his eyes
But felt by his soul

Halloween night
A chill that cuts to his bones
And still he runs

Edge of the woods
He stops, panting
Cold sweat breaks out
And he feels it again

Like a ghost it comes
A thief in the night
Silently at first
Then bursting forth
Chasing him

He sobs lightly to himself
Fear grips him once again
He knows it is near to him
Feels it coming closer

Catching his breath he runs
Faster then he ever remember he has
Bursting from the woods
Onto a lonely road
So lonely

It  gains ground on him
He knows now it sees him
No where to hide
But his eyes search anyway

Jack O’ Lanterns on porches
And no one around
Turning a corner
He sees them

Going door to door
He slows
Feeling safer for some reason

Memories of a happier time
Last year
His daughter
On Halloween

He slows to a walk
New tears now
For a daughter lost

Looking like hell
Feeling it following him
He walks among the people
The children

They must think I am nuts

Tattered clothes
A costume of his own

Lost in time
And memories
He walks alone
Into the night

He stops finally
In front of a cemetery
Walks into it
Wind blows lightly
And on the Autumn air
He feels it coming again

He does not run
His feet carry him onward
Past every type of headstone
Until he finds it

He stands there
Looking down
And pulls himself together
A child’s gravestone
Little Angel
Arms holding a child
Grave holding his little girl

He hears it at the gates
Coming for him
A look of determination
No longer fear

Onto his knees he falls
Taking the angel in his arms
He whispers to her
Please remember me

Somewhere out there
In a world not so far away
A silent whisper drifts
A man she once knew
Someone called Daddy

She lets go the hand
Of her Angel
And drifts away
Please remember me

It comes back to her
A life somewhere else
Someone’s pain
On the day she left

Please remember me
Like a beacon to her soul it comes
And she goes
She remembers

She seems him as he was that day
As she left and floated off
His pain floats to her
She looks back
And a host of angels follow her

Cold and sick
He hugs her stone
As it stands behind him
His mortality

A cough
More blood
So sick since she left
So alone

His hand reaches out
To her mother’s stone
Drunk driver
Three years ago
But the pain remains

Fear of the unknown
So dark out
And alone
He holds onto this world

He looks up to the heavens
So many stars this night
Millions of them
Glowing bright

He sniffles
Wipes away tears
Darkness recedes
Stars glow brighter

Like clouds breaking
Light bathes him

Please remember me
His head lays upon the stone then
Eyes staring

A hand reaches out to him
Warmth fills him
Like he has never before felt
He looks up

His little girl smiles down
Behind her floats a host of Angels
His wife holds her other hand
Looking down at him

My baby he cries
I  remember you she whispers
Always and forever
A smile crosses her face

He stands
And looks down upon himself
In a hospital bed
Come on daddy
Come home

He lets go
Three souls travel
Through a chorus
And protected by an army
Of Angels

The doctor shakes his head
He’s gone
He writes down the time
And ponders the man’s smile

A little piece of paper
Clutched in his hand
Just three words
Please remember me

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