Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fantasy Poem

Battle of Evenhold

Seven they sat
Three across from three
One at the end
Preparing for this night
Their last stand

Dragon in disguise
Human fighters
Prepared to die

Old man reflecting
Ready for his time
Young man within
But not afraid to die

Evil hordes awaiting
Outside this den
Somewhere I know
This will happen again

Fire erupts
Then screams
Chaos reins
Somewhere now they dream

Overwhelming odds
Outside they go
To fight
To stand

Circle of seven
On the eve of destruction
Promising to finish it
Preparing to die

Dragon transforms
And to his fellow friends
He speaks

A promise from you all
This very day
As evil never dies
Neither shall I
When all is said
And this day is done
Promise to rise again
When comes back this evil one
Upon all you keep sacred
Promise this to me
That forever we shall remain
And seven our souls shall forever be
Linked in eternity
Always to stand
To defend our brothers the human race
Those we call man

They swore it then
To this dragon once a man
That throughout the ages
They would come together
No matter when
Or where
And Stand

Creatures not seen since
Long forgotten by man
Stood together
Made a valiant stand

Dragons flew
Magic was spun
Evil seemed to overcome
But there they stood
Seven in number
Fighting on

One fell
Then another
But their souls remained
Defending their brothers
Unseen by the hordes

Battles raged
The dark one seethed
His mighty army being beaten
By five that stood
And two his eyes could never see

Defeated he left his hordes
To die
And fled from this earth
But swore that again he would rise
In a day when magic waned
In which he alone would have the might
To bring the earth’s destruction
And darkness
Darker then darkest night

Battlefield of blood
Last elf crying
Over the loss of his kind

Dragon lonely
Wizard gone
Creatures of our lore
Hidden by modern times

Two souls standing
Refusing the light
Earth bound for all time
Ready to fight

Seven souls now free
Wander the earth
In you and those like me
Waiting for that night to come
Watching over the land
Prepared once more for battle
Prepared once more
To Stand

Somewhere in the dark of night
Where dream worlds come and go
I stretch my wings again to flight
And miss those friends of old

Wandering through the forests of time
More often then not alone
I wonder where their souls have taken them
Where those six call home

By the might of our magic
The promise lives
Our souls wander this human land
Until a time I soon know
We shall again be together
And together we all shall Stand

I see them there
In late night dreams
As once my mighty friends were
Another promise
To all of you I speak

Upon a mighty battlefield
Where we will fight
I know some will fall
Us all in time
Into that final light
You and I shall go
Back to our world
Finally home
I will sit with you
On our favorite hill
And tell you tales
Of all I have seen
We will laugh once again
And for eternity remain
In that place we once called home
Never again to feel pain
A place where dragons soar
And the elves dance
Wizards cast spells
Of knights and romance
Over hallowed mountains
And through distant lands
We shall roam
Our merry little band
Protecting our world
Once again
Seeking adventure
We will always win
For where true hearts gather
With a special magic
And hearts of might
Good will always prevail
All across our home
Our Land

And a promise made so long ago
By seven Warriors
From the days of old
Will remain intact

As we wander to and fro
Home my friends will we finally go
When prophecy is fulfilled
And a promise kept
To rise again
Like in days of old
To meet evil
We shall remember our true selves
And in that day
We will Stand

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