Sunday, April 13, 2014

These Hands

These Hands

With these hands I do write
The musings of my soul
The pondering and wandering
That fills my troubled mind

O’ these hands have seen the years
And held such precious things
Here I let them express for me
The many things they can

For my soul sits in silence
My heart heavy grows
My mouth simply cannot speak
The things that these hands know

A fearful night in my car
They gripped the steering wheel
And took me on ever further
While my body felt so ill

On lonely nights they held my face
Felt my many tears
So very often I am afraid
Over these thirty some years

Loved ones they have gripped tight
In their hours of need
When they had no one else to cling to
They felt their hearts bleed

They have held the hands
Of three precious little boys
And helped me to smile
Christmas nights wrapping their toys

These hands of mine have touched women
Gently caressed their lovely skin
They felt the love I had
So very deep within

Upon this keyboard
Do these hands dance
They tell of sorrow and pain
But also romance

They look   back
So many years upon this life
I open up to them
I let them write

These hands of mine
Tell me today they feel in my heart aglow
And wonder to themselves
If they shall ever hold  that little Willow

Some day they will touch you
And tell with their care
That feel deeply saddened
Because they were not there

So on they write
Nearly everyday
Of the wonderful things I now have
And the little girl so far away

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