Friday, June 13, 2014

He watched her from afar
Night after night
The joy on her face brought him happiness
A rare thing in this dark life of his

Over a thousand years had passed
Still he lived, day after day
No rest. No sleep.
Lonely beyond measure

Selfishly he wanted her
To be like him
With him
Forever, just the two of them

He crept over the roof
Looked in on her
And her daughter
Such a joy he would never know

My Tiffany, oh how I wish
And how I don't wish
That we could be
Just you and me. A forever family.

She heard his thoughts
They slipped across the night to her
Unspoken but heard clear as the dawn
Daughter to bed, she walked into the night

He was there
He slid down to her
And she saw in his eyes the stars

Cursed to live, to want
A joy of eternal life
A pain of eternal thirst

For her he didn't impose
A choice
But not without discourse
"Let me in" he pleaded

He wanted to talk
To explain
But in her heart she already knew
And she chose.

Walking to him
It was she who commanded
She pulled him to her

Her hands tore away her shirt
Neck exposed
She invited him in
Pulled him in, to her

Tears mixed with blood flowed
Down her exposed neck
No longer alone
Together, forever

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